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Here at Independent Motorcycle Shop, we have superior state-of-the-art dyno tuning equipment. We use  a Factory Pro dynamometer and a 4 exhaust gas analyzer, commonly reffered to as an EGA. The EGA coupled with the dyno's power absorbtion unit (eddy current brake) provides us with 4 times more information than a conventional AFR dyno can provide. We have taken the time to study and understand combustion chemistry and by doing this and using our 4 exhaust gas analyzer, we are able to provide you a top notch tune that you will feel while riding, not just numbers you see on your dyno sheet. When we tune your fuel injected bike, we use all 4 gas readings to dial in your ECM with pin point accuracy.  The gasses we look at with our tuning process are residual (after combustion has happened) Oxygen (O2), Hydrocarbons (HC), Carbon Monoxide (CO), and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). In the combustion process, your motorcycle mixes hydrocarbons (raw fuel) with oxygen before entering the combustion chamber. These two gasses are atomized and ignited during the combustion event and create more gasses. Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are two of the gasses created during this process. By reading these 4 gasses after combustion has happened, we can specifically see how efficently the combustion process is occuring at every rpm and every load and throttle position. After reading these gasses, we adjust your motorcycles ECM to alter the combustion process so your bike will make the best possible power your bikes components are capable of. We emphasize tuning every rpm and every load and our dyno shows the horsepower and torque your bike is making at every RPM and throttle postion in real time utilizing the dyno's strain gauge. We feel that by reading these gasses, we can provide a more specific tune than the industry standard  air/fuel ratio (AFR) tune that most use. The benefits you'll notice are smoother shifting, clean combustion, crisp throttle response, excellent power, great fuel economy and more power at partial throttle postions where our bikes live on the streets.

Since most of the industry uses a Dynojet that does not use a strain gauge to actually measure power but rather uses a mathmatical equation based on how fast your motorcycle can accelerate the Dynojets drum, below is a chart that came from the Factory Pro website. The chart shows what power would be made on the average Dynojet dyno compared to a Factory Pro dyno that measure "True Horsepower". There are some dyno sheets posted below and we alsways post dyno sheets on our shop Facebook page as well. Please dont forget to "like us" on Facebook!


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