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Independent Motorcycle Shop does not use any head porter exclusively. We strive to custom build an engine that is tailored to suit the needs and goals of the bikes owner and his/her riding style. While we are working towards developing our own cylinder heads, there are no "one size fits all" cylinder heads. Engine size, carburetor size, throttle body size, camshaft profile, compression, exhaust and other factors all influence how an engine performs and should also dictate how the cylinder heads need to be constructed. The port shape, port size, texture, cross sectional area, valve train geometry, etc., should all be managed thought out and tailored to your engines needs for the performance you expect and the characteristics and mannerisms you expect from your engine.

Here are a few images of cylinder heads that we have used yielding excellent results for the goals set forth by the riders riding style and performance demands. Please take a look at the images below so you can see some of the craftsmanship and skills utilized to truly maximize and unleash your engine's true potential. Cylinder heads are very influential in how your engine performs and should never be overlooked. Call us to discuss the correct head work that best fits your needs and riding style.



Stock head cross section 1



Here is a cross sectional cut of a stock Harley-Davidson Twin Cam cylinder head.


stock head cross section 2



Here's another angle of the cross section of a stock Twin Cam cylinder head.


IMS Head pic 1


 The image above is an S&S 79cc sized combustion chamber cylinder head we use.


Gregs build 6 for wesite 


This cylinder head was worked over for a 98" motor we built for a customer and is a pretty common setup. This particular head received a 1.90" intake valve, a 1.615" exhaust valve and the valve faces, the entire combustion chamber and exhaust ports was treated with a thermal barrier coating. We also replaced the stock valve springs with .640" lift Kibblewhite "beehive" style springs and bronze manganese valve guides were installed as well. 


 MVA head port work 2 for website


This set of heads was removed from a Screamin' Eagle 120R engine that we reworked for a customer from South Korea. We removed the heads, did some work to the ports, installed manual compression releases, treated the valves, guides, combustion chambers and exhaust port with a thermal barrier coating and reworked the valve seats for increased air flow. The valve springs wer also replaced with high quality PAC "beehive" valve springs. They make quite a bit more power than they did in stock form and the valve train is much quieter than the stock SE 120R motor came with. For more information on this build, you can read about it on our Facebook page.


 Bean head for website


This is one of the more common heads we use for a customer who just want to do something like an air cleaner, adn free flowing exhaust, a set of cams and just a nice "cleanup" on the heads and stay with cast pistons and stock valve sizes. This work helps increase velocity and cylinder fill, allows the compression to be set to suit the camshaft that has been chosen and have nicer flowing and a better running engine than you get from the factory.  


Sachs CVO 3 website


This is a set of the Screamin' Eagle 103" heads. These have been worked over enough to substantially increase air flow for better cylinder fill and performance. These heads retained the stock exhaust valve and a larger "tulip" style 1.94" intake valve was installed. 


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