Throttle Body Porting


We offer throttle body casting clean-up in house and port matching to your cylinder heads. For larger throttle bodies, we use Horsepower Inc. (HPI), Screamin' Eagle, S&S Cycle Throttle Hog's and Kuryakyn Wild Things. Matching the correct throttle body to your cylinder head inlet, intake valve size, port velocity and port runner size is imperative to realizing the full potential of your engines capabilities. Call us for questions regarding throttle body needs pertaining to your build. Below are a few pictures of various thtottle bodies that we use and port. 


Throttle Hog


This is an S&S Throttle Hog. 


Kuryakyn 1 for website



Kuryakyn Wild Thing 57mm Throttle Body


Kuryakyn 2 for website



Another shot of the Kuryakyn 57mm Wild Thing Throttle Body


HPI 1-for webby



Here's and HPI (Horsepower Inc.) 55mm Thorttle body. This one happens to have 1.8" runners to port match the 1.8" inlets on the cylinder heads we used on the engine build.


HPI 2 for website



HPI 55mm throttle body.


HPI 3- for web



Here is a picture to show the difference in size of the stock Harley-Davidson 46mm throttle body that was replaced with the HPI 55mm unit. The increase in throttle response, torque and horsepower when coupled with the right cylinder heads and exhaust is very significant. 

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